Alexandria Bird Interior Architecture Portfolio

Alexandria Bird

Senior Thesis

The Canopache Inn


Salon & Spa


Bed & Breakfast


The Canopache Inn will be a getaway destination in Massachusetts. Located on the oceanfront of the island of Nantucket, this bed and breakfast will offer a full service salon and spa, as well as a tea house. The design is focused on the emphasis of inner as well as outer beauty of each guest. Located in each guest bedroom is a vanity that will be tocked with products that are specified to the clients skin and hair needs. The Inn will capture the tranquil feeling that the island is known for, and it will emphasize relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit.


Site Plan


The grounds of The Canopache Inn are made up of four buildings; the main house, the guest house, the Inn-Keepers quarters, and the tea house. The main house is where the salon and spa are located, as well as the bed and breakfast. The guest house and Inn-Keepers quarters are mirror images of one another.


Floor Plans- Main House

The Floor Plans and Elevations were created in AutoCAD and rendered in Photoshop.

Lower Level


Main Level


Upper Level

Main House Elevations

Lower Level


Main Level

Upper Level



The Perspectives were created in FormZ (3D Rendering Program), and edited in Photoshop.


Main Entrance- Reception Desk


Main Entrance- Foyer


Salon- Stylist Stations


Salon- Shampoo Area


Bed & Breakfast- Game Room


Bed & Breakfast- Breakfast Area


Bed & Breakfast- Dining Area




Guest House/ Inn Keepers Quarters

Floor Plans





Tea House

Floor Plans



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